About MACE

The college on the hillocks is a place of wonder, transcending its intriguing history as the first college in Asia under Christian management, set in stone as early as the gramophone times of 1961. Besides, a journey to this centre for learning, vibes the the bold intuition to become the first engineering college to affiliate with the Mahatma Gandhi University.
Those walls may not boast the carvings of an ambitious beginning, but in its pupil and tutors the spirit of courage still glows, for miles to see. Up above, blocks in red and beige house five branches in engineering, one in MCA, other post graduate programmes, and a whole lot of la di da bustling students.

About Sanskriti

MACE proudly unveils the 11th edition of SANSKRITI, back with renewed finesse.
One of the biggest arts fests in the state of Kerala, SANSKRITI began in 2008 and has been conducted with fervour every year since, each organising committee outdoing the ones before, the outstanding result of it being that SANSKRITI, like wine, just improves over time.
A kaleidoscopic platform to showcase artistic talents of all sorts, it is a three day festival, filled with competitions and dazzling night shows, bringing students from more than 100 colleges and institutions across India to a single stage, to compete, perform and be discovered.


Jaalakam is an endeavor to bring together differently-abled persons and celebrate their uniqueness through art. Their journey wasn't easy, for they required skills beyond mainstream artistry to express themselves in front of the whole wide universe.


It's said that the soul has no gender, that gender has always been a rather skin-deep affair. A male might have feminine traits, and a female might as well have masculine traits. But, an intermixing of traits is often criticized, kept under covers.

For men, the expectation to be a macho man has pushed him to confine his emotions. On the other hand, most of the stereotypes of women projects her as a weaker and a dependent sex.

#iampurple is about mixing both the blue of men & pink of women in portions of our liking, and flaunting our purple out to the world.


Tabeer is a first of its kind arts & crafts exhibition in the mellow town of Kothamangalam. Tabeer is a search for one's dream in a bigger dream, a search for one's individuality within mutuality. Through Tabeer we are trying to explore the artistic side of our students who often are compelled to excel upon their technical side in the presence of indie artists alongside their art. A first of its kind effort to nurture the artist in an engineering college


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